Thermal Body Temperature Camera vs IR Thermometer: Which Should You Get?

Which Should You Get?

Thermal Body Temperature Camera vs IR Thermometer

Businesses, institutions, and other organizations are trying to get back to "normal" in the safest—and most affordable—way possible. IR forehead thermometers, often as cheap as $40 or $50, seem like an inexpensive way to take care of body temperature screening, but for the majority of businesses there's more to consider than the initial purchase. For many, in fact, the "cheap" solution turns out to be more costly in the end.

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Thermal Camera

Our automated body temperature screeners quickly grab temperatures from people as they pass through the camera's detection zone. There's no need for your customers, employees, students, or other visitors to slow down or pose for the camera. In fact, they'll hardly notice it's there. And, unlike with handheld IR forehead thermometers, our temperature screening processes create no bottlenecks. Finally, because our thermal cameras don't require an operator, safe distancing protocols are never violated for the sake of a temperature screen. If a high temperature is detected, our cameras alert with an audible alarm so that further measures may be taken.

Vs Thermometer

With handheld forehead thermometers, the process is much more labor intensive—an employee will have to manually take the temperature of every person who walks in the door. Because the thermometer must be held within a few inches of an individual's forehead, it prevents proper distancing—it's also intrusive and off-putting. And, because people must stop and be measured, bottlenecks tend form at busy entrances, a situation that can compound the distancing problem or cause a flustered employee to miss people as they come in.

Which Really Costs the Least?

Although forehead thermometers appear to be the cheapest way to go, after the first few weeks of use they become significantly more expensive than automated body temperature screeners. This is due to labor costs, the potential for lost business due to intrusiveness or bottlenecks, and productivity loss if your temperature-takers contract the virus while screening people up close.

Find the Screener for Your Needs

All of our body temperature screeners, from basic, easy-setup thermal cameras to full-featured security systems, will automate your business's temperature screening process, saving you both money and trouble in the long run. Pick out the best body temperature screening solution for your business today.