The Benefits of No-Contact Thermal Screening for Elevated Temperatures

The Benefits of No-Contact Thermal Screening

(And How Infrared Thermometers Fall Short)

A lot of businesses are struggling right now; COVID-19 has left many establishments unable to stay afloat and others searching for solutions. If your business is currently able to be open but you are worried about potential risks posed to your employees and customers, you may be considering checking the temperature of each person entering your building—or perhaps your company is already checking temperatures, but you are wondering if it’s being done in the best way.

Because of their low price point and seemingly straightforward usage, many companies often first consider infrared forehead thermometers. However, these thermometers typically must be held within inches of the person being screened. Often this type of thermometer must even be placed in direct contact with the person’s skin, being held near the eyes, which are a vulnerable entrance point for the virus.

Customers are put at risk and made uncomfortable when employees approach them to take their temperature in this way. This invasion of space could possibly deter them from shopping at all. Additionally, the employee doing the screening is being required to touch many—possibly hundreds—of people per day, putting themselves and each of the people being screened at risk.

To make it easier on the people visiting your business, and to stop customers and employees from coming in close contact, temperature scanning can be done automatically. By using thermal screening cameras, your company will have the increased safety offered by temperature screening while also maintaining social distancing measures.

No-contact thermal screening can be achieved with thermal cameras carried by ELEDLIGHTS; these screeners have a measurement distance of up to 15 feet and can eliminate the need for a person operating the screener altogether.

With handheld infrared thermometers, the person manually doing the screening may be unable to screen every passerby. The employee doing the screening may get distracted or forget who was already cleared for entry. A phone call may interrupt them, or maybe they get pulled away to do a different task. In that time, multiple customers can enter the store unscreened.

Meanwhile, the automated screening systems offered by ELEDLIGHTS help ensure that each customer entering a business has their temperature read without putting anyone at risk. By setting up one of the automated cameras at your entrance with stanchions to direct the flow of traffic, every person entering will pass by the screener.

Our available systems can be installed in a variety of ways to best suit your building. They can be set up on tripods, put on decorative stands, wall-mounted, and more, allowing for a non-invasive process that keeps everyone safer. If someone with a high temperature is detected, our automated systems will capture the individual’s picture and send an alert to your personnel.

Contactless, automatic thermal screening makes sure no one is inconvenienced or put in an unsafe situation, creating a healthier and more convenient environment for both personnel and customers.