Indoor Soccer Field Upgrades with LED High Bays

Indoor Soccer Field Upgrades with LED High Bays

When it comes to sports, either indoor or outdoor, accurate lighting is always one of the most key features. With enough bright lighting, we were able to transform an old abandoned building with dim lighting to a bright and safe indoor soccer field. This building is now known as Sole Futsal Center, located in Huntington Valley.

Mike, the owner of the property, contacted us for help. The property originally had 42 fixtures with 2 fluorescent 8Ft tubes per fixture, and 6 metal halide wall packs around the perimeter of the building.

With our guidance, Mike purchased and installed 48 of our 150W High Bays inside and 7 of our 80W Wall Packs for the perimeter of the building.

Our ultra-high light output of this 150W LED high bay light outshines conventional HID high bay lamps at a fraction of the wattage, with no warm up or restrike delays. They deliver up to 24,000 lumens at only 150W of power, which is more then 60% energy savings compared to HID high bay lamps.

Our 80W LED wall pack ensures safe, brightly lit walkways, entrances, parking garages, carports, loading docks, hospitals, and other general and security illumination. This light emits 10,400 lumens of bright cold white light (5000K) at only 130 lumens per watt!

After the installation, Mike was finally satisfied with the way his property shined inside and out. His property and power bill changed significantly after installing LEDs. Upgrading to LEDs made it safer for everybody.

ELEDLIGHTS offers a host of lighting options for indoor sports. Check out our Indoor Sports & Arena Lighting department for your sports lighting update today.