Office Renovation Project Yields Incredible Lighting Transformation

Tim Hubbard, Operations Manager of Talton Communications in Selma, Alabama, purchased Dimmable 2x4 High Lumen LED Panel Lights from to upgrade both the office and warehouse environments at the company.

Hubbard's glowing review sheds light on how an LED retrofit can breathe new life into an existing workplace. "The biggest thing we've been pleased with is the brightness and the even appearance. I've never experienced LED lighting at this level before. Everyone is amazed at how bright these lights really are," Hubbard said.

The before and after picture below shows the difference between their old 8 ft. fluorescent fixtures with 4 bulbs per fixture (left) and 6 LED Panel Lights in 5000K cold white color temperature (right).

Talton Communications

"We actually laughed a little bit because rooms we were planning on installing 4 panels in, were well lit with just 2, so we had to run around and figure out where to put the rest of the lights we ordered," Hubbard joked.

Hubbard plans to purchase more panels in the future to retrofit the company's 30 x 50 ft. storage area.