Our ‘Buy American Compliant’ Lights Aren’t Just for Government Projects

Our ‘Buy American Compliant’ Lights Aren’t Just for Government Projects

Our newest lighting options—Buy American Compliant lights—are manufactured in our new facility in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, and we are super excited to bring them to our customers, including those who aren’t procuring lights for projects that require Buy American compliance. Here’s why:

American Ingenuity

While we’ll be adding even more amazing lights to our Buy American line, the Buy American Compliant LED Retrofits for Fluorescent Fixtures we have up now show the level of thought and problem-solving that goes into the design of this line of lights.

Take, for example, some unique patented* design features. The first ingeniously uses your fixture’s metal troffer as a heatsink to draw heat away from the circuitry.

The second covers the semi-domed diffusing lenses available for these retrofits—the frosted covers, in other words. The patented design creates more comfortable, less harsh lighting and smooth light distribution. But the diffusing technology isn't the only nifty thing about these frosted lenses: they also snap right onto the strips! This means that you can install the strips before snapping the lenses in place, which makes installation significantly less awkward than with kits where the strips have to be installed with their lenses already attached.

Also, because these retrofit kits are multi-configurable, each kit is suitable for a range of fixture sizes. On your end, it may not seem to make a difference whether a retrofit kit works only in the 2x4 fixture size you have, or whether it could be installed in several other fixture sizes as well, but the difference is that the unique, flexible design of these kits allows us to cover a much wider range of fixture sizes than the standard one-size-fits-one retrofit design, which often means that suppliers carry only the most common fixture sizes. With the ingenious multi-configurable design, now when you have a mix of fixture sizes to convert to LED, you’ll be able to outfit them all with the same brand and quality of LED retrofits by placing a single order with a single supplier. (And, if you need to fit a really non-standard fixture size, we can get that built for you too!)

Finally, the high-performance model of our multi-configurable retrofit kits features, in addition to its high lumen output, the first truly UL-compliant screws-free installation, thanks to its use of rare earth magnets.

If these design choices sound like they were thought through by people who’ve had experience with installing retrofits, wait until we introduce our Buy American Compliant linear fluorescent high bay retrofit kit! (Details coming soon.)

Quality Oversight

Regardless of product line, we quality-check the lights we offer to ensure our customers are receiving safe, reliable, long-lasting products that meet or exceed our performance criteria. With the new Buy American Compliant lights, we have even more control over quality: we attend face-to-face meetings, visit the production line, and pass on customer feedback to the development team.

Longer Warranties

In the midst of our current trade war and its ever-increasing tariffs, some companies are trying to maintain their selling prices by cutting the costs of building the products—generally in ways that aren’t immediately perceivable by customers but that become apparent over the long-term when the lights don’t fulfill reliability or longevity expectations. These cost-cutting measures come in the forms of switching to cheaper components, using cheaper, lower-skilled workers, or by being less thorough in process steps and quality checks.

In the long run, this product cheapening costs end users—like you—significantly more in under-performance, unreliability, and shortened lifespans.

ELEDLIGHTS wants our customers’ lights to continue running long after this trade war ends. That’s why we’re focusing on quality in design, components, and manufacturing right now.

This focus on quality also allows us to offer longer warranties on the lights manufactured at our Pennsylvania facility.

Extended Life Through Readily Available Replacement Drivers

In an LED light, the driver, not the LEDs themselves, limits the operating life of the light. If you could just replace the driver when it reaches the end of its lifespan, you could double the life of your light for a much smaller investment than a new light. Unfortunately, with a lot of suppliers, that’s just not possible: maybe they don’t sell just the drivers, maybe the light design makes the driver difficult to replace on your own—or maybe the supplier that sold you your lights isn’t even in business anymore by the time you need a new driver.

With our Multi-Configuration LED Retrofit Kits, replacing the driver is easy, and we’ll sell it to you when you need it, and we’ll still be around to do so. ELEDLIGHTS was founded in 2012, by Manncorp, a company that has been supplying electronics manufacturers with equipment and expertise since 1967—through all kinds of global economic ups and downs. Our Buy American Compliant lighting manufacturer was founded 2009 and was recently also acquired by Manncorp, ensuring its stability and longevity. Thus, when you buy a Multi-Configuration LED Retrofit Kit from us to convert your fluorescent fixtures to LED, you’re getting a 70,000-hour operating life, and the opportunity to extend that to 140,000 hours down the road with a simple driver replacement.

But Also, Of Course, Easy Procurement

Our new line of lights is manufactured in our U.S. factory in compliance with Buy American requirements. If you are working on a government, ARRA, ePACT, or LEED project, this compliance makes it easy to spec these lights.

The Buy American Line: for All Light Buyers Who Want Dependability, Convenience, and Performance

Like we said at the top, we’ll be adding more well-designed, high-quality products to our Buy American Compliant line. In the meantime, if you need reliable, easy-install kits to convert fluorescent fixtures in ceiling heights of up to 20 feet, you’ll be glad you chose our Buy American Compliant Multi-Configuration LED Retrofit Kits.

Manufactured under USA Patents