Liquor Store Looks Like New

Susan, the owner of Simon Liquor, a liquor store located in New Jersey, purchased eighteen of our 2x4 Magnetic Strip Kits. Not only did she immediately fall in love with the new appearance of her store, but so did her customers.

"The LED lights in the ceiling of my liquor store are amazing!! So nice and bright and no annoying buzzing like the old lights! It looks like a new store! Customers have commented on how nice the lights look, and they are all one even color throughout the store!! Thank you so much for a quality product," Susan said.

Susan is going to be even happier when she notices that she's saving roughly $795 a year by upgrading to LEDs! 

We recommended our 4ft Magnetic Strips to Susan because the high-quality magnetic backed LED Kit makes converting existing 4-foot fluorescent fixtures quicker and easier than ever before. Simply connect your existing fixture to the driver, quick-connect the driver to the magnetic LED strips, and you're done. This kit can also be attached to any workbenches, walls, file cabinets, or any metal surfaces.

Our 5000K Magnetic Strips were the best fit for Susan because of the cool-white tone that fills the store, making all her products clearly visible from their shelves. We also offer 4000K which is more of a natural warm tone for offices, classrooms, or any indoor settings.