LEDs Reducing Crime in Coronado California

Beckey, the owner of Park Plaza at The Village in Coronado, California, had an ongoing struggle with homeless individuals sleeping around the shopping center, as well as skateboarders riding around the alleyways and plaza at night. Beckey knew this was due to lack of sufficient lighting in the plaza.

"One of our big problems before the LED installation was having ballasts, so it was difficult to determine if it was the bulb or the ballast that was bad. Consequently, we had a lot of lights not working. There were three in particular that had not worked in 15 years" Beckey said.

She decided it was time to upgrade to brighter, more energy efficient LEDs. She purchased a total of thirty-three of our Shoebox Lights (150- 200W), and fourteen 54W Corn Lights.

The plaza has a variety of poles, some with four lights and some with two. Each pole with four Metal Halide Lights were reduced to two LED lights - reducing the energy by 300W per pole. Each pole with two Metal Halide Lights was retrofitted with one LED light - reducing the energy by 100W per pole. Overall, she will save $1,866 per year and a total of $9,430 under her 5-year warranty!

Pole-mounted LED Shoebox lights provide significant energy savings with minimal maintenance requirements, providing an average of 50,000 hours of shine. Our 54W Corn Lights also have 132 Lumens per watt which is the highest lumen per watt in the industry at 7,128 lumens!


The pictures above are from their security cameras facing towards the alleyway. As you can see, the difference is truly night and day.

As a result of this upgrade to LED lighting, Beckey is very satisfied with the huge energy savings and wattage energy reduction. Her Plaza is now lit up, with no more loitering or safety issues.

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