Small Business Hero:  An Affordable & Hands-Free Thermal Screening Solution

Small Business Hero:

An Affordable & Hands-Free Thermal Screening Solution

To learn more and see this thermal screening device in action, check out our video!

The Model I Portable Thermal Temperature Detection Tool offered by ELEDLIGHTS is a great solution for small businesses who are looking to safely screen customers entering their building. This easy-to-use temperature detecting device comes at a low price point while still providing quick and accurate measurements. It requires no physical installation or special training; simply screw it onto a tripod for hands-free use or use it as a handheld device.

When used by an employee as a handheld scanner, this device can be held up to 3 feet away from approaching customers or personnel. With an outstretched arm, this would place the person doing the scanning an appropriate distance away from the customer. Using this device as a portable scanner allows for the flexibility of moving to different areas of a building, where foot traffic may fluctuate throughout the day.

To eliminate any risks that could arise from an employee having to scan each customer, the device can instead be put on a stand to automatically scan those who enter your store. This hands-free capability means no one will have to actively use the device to be made aware of high temperatures, simplifying your company’s safety procedures. An employee monitoring the screen will be able to stand back, increasing their distance from incoming personnel and customers, improving safety for everyone involved.

If an elevated temperature is detected, blinking lights will start flashing and a loud alarm will sound to alert personnel. An infrared picture is automatically taken of the person with the high temperature and stored on the device so it can be reviewed.

This camera can be easily set up on a standard camera tripod, a decorative stand, a mini tripod on a reception desk, or displayed in another way to best suit your building. By setting up one of the automated cameras at your entrance, facing away from the doorway and with stanchions to direct the flow of traffic, every person entering will pass by the screener.

By choosing this thermal screening option for your building over manual infrared forehead thermometers, your business will have a more professional setup and you will avoid invading the personal space of those being scanned.

Fast Facts

  • This camera allows for social distancing as a hands-free device.
  • Its large capacity battery will last for at least 6 hours.
  • The max temperature allowed can be set and adjusted by the user.
  • Infrared images are saved to the included 16 GB SD card.

This camera is best suited for small businesses. If your company needs more automation, or requires facial recognition technology, tracing abilities, access controls, or other security features, please check out our other fast, no-contact thermal imaging cameras.