Get a Top Duke Energy Rebate for your Lighting Project

Get a Top Duke Energy Rebate for your Lighting Project

If you have a commercial property and have the utility provider Duke Energy, you could save big on your next lighting upgrade. By switching from inefficient HID lights to LED lighting, your monthly energy overhead will significantly decrease. And by choosing efficient, DLC-qualified lighting options, your company will be eligible for cost-lowering rebates!

Duke Energy Rebates

When looking to receive an LED lighting rebate from Duke Energy, keep in mind that the savings will be capped at 75% of your project costs.

Some of the top rebates we have found—all offering 75% off—from Duke Energy are:

Product Name Price Rebate Price After Rebate % Saved
4FT Magnetic Linear LED Retrofit Kit $42.00 $42.00 $10.50 75% (cap)
2FT Magnetic Linear LED Retrofit Kit $25.00 $20.00 $6.25 75% (cap)
180W Linear LED High Bay Panel $179.00 $150.00 $44.75 75% (cap)
150W LED Retrofit for Metal Halide $129.00 $109.72 $32.25 75% (cap)
27W LED Flat Corn Light $35.00 $35.00 $8.75 75% (cap)

*Prices and rebates accurate on February 22, 2021. Prices and rebates are subject to change.

Customer Example – Duke Energy Rebates in SC

A recent ELEDLIGHTS customer from South Carolina received a great deal on their lighting upgrade by taking advantage of the Duke Energy Rebate Incentive on our 4ft Magnetic Linear LED Retrofit Kits.

Without rebates, their total would have been $15,200 for 380 retrofit kits.

With rebates, they paid just $3,800 for their LED upgrade!

By switching from inefficient fluorescent lighting to LEDs instead, this company would have been able to quickly payoff this lighting investment through lowered energy overhead alone. By also receiving energy rebates from Duke, that payback period will be almost no time at all.

Get Your Own LED Lighting Rebates

Whether you are interested in getting a similar deal from Duke Energy or learning about the rebate offerings from a different utility company, our team at ELEDLIGHTS can help you along the way. Reach out to, call 215.355.7200, or text 267.266.8330 to get started on your lighting upgrade.