100W LEDs replace 250W Metal Halides in Shop in Arizona

Robert Iannucci, from Pine Top Arizona, recently purchased twenty 100W LED High Bays from ELEDLights and installed them in his shop. The energy savings he's experienced is a true testament to the high-quality benefits of LED lighting:

"There are no words to explain the difference we have experienced in our shop! We went from thirty power-eating 240-volt, 250-Watt metal halide high bay HID lights to twenty 100-Watt LED Lights from ELEDLights," Iannucci said. "The natural light at 5000K is perfect for our shop. The light is EVERYWHERE! The coverage is fantastic and it is a pleasure to turn on a switch and have FULL lighting! Before we would turn on switch and wait 10 minutes to see if we could start work, and if it was below 20 might be 20-plus minutes."

ELEDLights.com offers a wide variety of LED High Bays in numerous wattages and styles, including both compact, super-bright water-proof pendant high bays, linear warehouse aisle lights, and LED alternatives to T5/T8 linear high bays.<