Dimmable 4ft LED Tube - Single-End T8/T12 - Ballast Bypass

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  • Replaces 32W
  • 1900 lumen / 105 lm/w
  • UL certified
  • 5-year warranty


Replace your dimmable fluorescent tubes or add dimming capability with your switch to LED. Running at full brightness, these dimmable 4ft LED T8 tubes cut energy costs nearly in half. Running at less than full brightness, they save you even more. Plus they give you full control over your lighting environment.

There are many use cases for dimmable LED fluorescent tubes, from running them at low brightness your store or warehouse overnight for security, to turning a school cafeteria into an auditorium with the slide of a control, to simply being able to adjust the ambience of your kitchen. If you're converting your fixtures to LED anyway and you want more control over your lighting, you won't regret going for these over a non-dimmable light—especially since, given the longevity of LED tubes, it could be a good while before you can justify doing another major lamp replacement.

These dimmable LED tubes run at an efficiency of 105 lumens/Watt and will save you about 40% on your light bill compared to fluorescents while giving you as much light (1900 lumens) at full brightness as your fluorescent tubes.

If higher efficiency or a significant increase in brightness over fluorescents is a greater priority for you than dimming capability, you may want to consider our High Lumen (144 lumens/Watt, 2600-lumen light output), or Ultra High Lumen (150 lumens/Watt, 3000-lumen light output) instead.

For a dimmer controller, we recommend Lutron Model #MACL-153M-WH. For a three-way switch, add Lutron Model #MA-R-WH. Also, these are ballast-bypass lights: to install, you'll disconnect your fixture's bypass and wire the fixture directly to one of each pair of tombstone sockets in the fixture. It's an easy process—you can convert a whole fixture to LED in under 10 minutes.

Replaces Wattage32W
Light Output1,900 lumens
Efficiency (lumens/Watt)105 lm/W
Average Lamp Life50,000 hours
Dimming CapabilityYes
Color Temperature4000K, 5000K
Base TypeBi-Pin
Beam Angle150 °
CoverFrosted, Clear
Tube Lengths4'
Ballast CompatibilityCompatible with all fluorescent fixtures—Bypass the ballast before installing tube
Installation MethodClick for install instructions
Working EnvironmentIndoor
Driver TypeInternal
Input Voltage90-140V
Dimensions47.71" long x 1.14" diam.
Warranty5 Years
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