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3-in-1 Temperature & Security Screener with Stand

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Body temperature measurement, face mask detection, and facial recognition—all in one small, easy-to-use kiosk style device! This screener can also be paired with Wiegand-compatible door locks and turnstiles to control entry/access.

Available with floor stand.


Remind people to wear face masks. Alert for elevated body temperatures. Recognize & log who's entering your facility. This self-service kiosk allows people to scan themselves, thus ensuring increased social distancing safety for your staff.

Our 3-in-1 Temperature & Security Screener can be mounted on a floor or desktop stand.

  • 8" IPS HD LCD display
  • Temperature detection distance up to 24"
  • Facial recognition distance up to 79"
  • Multiple screeners can be monitored at once via the cloud
  • Facial recognition accuracy of ≥99.7%, even with mask on
  • Facial recognition database capacity of up to 20,000 faces
  • Black, white & VIP lists supported
  • Facial images can be bulk imported to database
  • Wiegand output for optional access control

Ideal for moderate foot traffic businesses and organizations that want more than temperature detection. This can include membership-based businesses, such as gyms, fitness centers, daycares, and businesses that want to track or control employee access, such as labs, small manufacturers, etc. Looking for something else? Explore our full line of thermal cameras.


Temperature & Mask Detection
Temperature Range 86°F – 104° F
Temperature Accuracy ±0.54°F (0.3°C)
Detection Distance 12" to 24"
Temperature Detection Support
Mask Detection Support
Voice Alarm Support for both abnormal temperature and no mask
Facial Recognition
Recognition Accuracy ≥99.7%
Recognition Time < 1 second
Face Database ≥20 000 faces
Recognition Distance & Height Distance: 20" to 79" / Height: 47" to 87", adjustable
Recognized Face Angle ≥30°
Lens Angle 2.8mm, H 117.8°, V 64.1°, D: 141.9°
Blacklist & Whitelist Support
Ethernet 10M/100M Ethernet, RJ45 Port
Wiegand Interface 1 pcs for output
RS232 & RS485 Support
Alarm Output Support
Micro-SD Card Built-in 32GB; Support for up to 128GB
Audio Input & Output Support, with built-in speaker
Working Temperature -22°F to 122°F
Working Humidity RH 5~90%
Power Supply DC12V 3.33A
Power Consumption ≤20W
Dimensions 10.75" x 5.67" x 0.98"
Diameter for Install on Gate 1.18"
Screen Size 8-inch, full-view IPS LCD screen
Weight -5.5 lbs without stand

This product is not a medical device and is not intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of any disease or other medical condition. When this system detects elevated skin temperature, the finding should be confirmed using an approved medical thermometer. While fever is among the most common symptoms of COVID-19, infected individuals can be asymptomatic. The thermal measurement system cannot detect elevated body temperature in asymptomatic individuals.

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