18W 4ft LED Tube – Single or Dual End Power – Ballast Bypass T8/T12

$199.50  ($7.98 ea.)
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Only sold in multiples of 25
The most bang for buck: lowest cost per lumen
  • Replaces 32W T8/T12
  • 2,250 Lumens / 125 lm/w
  • 4000K, 5000K CCT; Frosted Cover
  • DLC & UL Certified
Type-B Tubes – Ballast-Bypass

Benefits: System Simplicity and Elimination of the Ballasts.

Customers Also Consider

Reduced Energy Overhead

Replace your T8 4ft fluorescent lamps with ballast-bypass LED tubes and experience a 60% energy savings increase. Our 18W tubes put out 2,250 lumens of neutral (4000K) or cool (5000K) white light, so your commercial space won’t sacrifice any brightness and will continuously experience lower monthly utility costs.

Improved Light Quality

Choosing to switch to LED lighting for your office, classroom, retail space, or other commercial area will mean better overall light quality. Lamps will turn on instantly with no flickering and the frosted lenses diffuse light output to reduce glare. Plus, since this lamp is so energy-efficient, it is DLC-qualified for utility rebate incentives that can shorten your company’s payback period.

Shatterproof Design

The glass of each of these LED tubes has A PET coating, leading to lower risk of shatter and improved safety levels. They are also UL-listed for quality, come backed by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, and will last an average of 50,000 operating hours.

Ballast-Bypass, Type-B Tubes

These 4ft LED tubes have a built-in driver and bypass the ballast in your lighting fixtures to be directly wired into a power source. The benefits of choosing a Type-B tube are system-simplicity and elimination of the ballast. By no longer being dependent on the ballast, you don’t need to be concerned about whether the tubes will be compatible, simplifying the upgrade process—and the risk of ballast failure will be eliminated. With no need to replace faulty ballasts, the tubes will save you in maintenance costs.

Replaces Wattage32W
Light Output2,250 lumens
Efficiency (lumens/Watt)125 lm/w
Average Lamp Life50,000 hours
Color Temperature4000K, 5000K
Base TypeBi-Pin
Beam Angle240 °
Tube Lengths4'
Ballast CompatibilityCompatible with all fluorescent fixtures—Bypass the ballast before installing tube
Working EnvironmentIndoor
Input Voltage120~277VAC
Temperature Rating-20℃ TO 45℃ / -4°F - 113°F
Housing MaterialGlass
CertificationDLC, UL
Warranty5 Years
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