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100W Ecobright LED Shoebox

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For low-demand lighting projects using 20–25 ft poles
  • Replaces 250W
  • 13,800 lumens / 138 lm/w
  • UL & DLC certified
  • 5-year warranty

Rugged, Reliable Outdoor Lighting

Perfect for smaller parking lots, walkways, and campuses, our Ecobright 100W LED shoebox fixture gives you lighting equivalent to 250W metal halide lamps at a fraction of the operating and maintenance cost.

This luminaire features long-life LEDs and high-quality LED drivers enclosed in rugged, die-cast housing that is completely sealed to prevent ingress of moisture and environmental contaminants. Its low-profile design reduces wind load, and a 3G vibration rating allows it to even be installed on roadways, bridges, and overpasses.

The Ecobright shoebox fixture's design allows for single-person install, plus the fixture is DLC Qualified for utility energy rebates and incentives. Both of these features reduce investment costs and speed up the payback period.

Lighting Distribution Options & Photometrics

While this shoebox comes standard with a Type III beam angle, we offer several optical configurations to accommodate your site lighting requirements—just get in touch if you need IV or V beam optics!

Type III Optics

Type III Beam
Throws light forward and sideward. Suitable for either perimeter lighting or, installed back to back, more central pole locations.

Type IV Optics

Type IV Beam
Forward lighting with minimal back lighting for perimeter installation.

Type V Optics

Type V Beam
A square umbrella lighting pattern for interior, rather than perimeter, pole locations

A Mounting Bracket for Every Requirement

Because every application is different, we offer a range of mounting hardware. Select the appropriate mounting bracket when you place your order.

Pole mount hardware for round and square poles

Pole Mount
For 4" and 5" square or round poles

Slipfitter mount hardware

For horizontal steel tenon arms, nominal 2" (2-3/8" OD pipe size)

Wall mount bracket for building facades

Wall Mount
For building facade, use ½” conduit wiring or J-box mounting

Yoke mount bracket for building facades

Yoke Mount
Install the shoebox at an angle, as you would a flood light

Wattage 100W
Replaces Wattage 250W
Light Output 13,800 lumens
Efficiency (lumens/Watt) 138 lm/w
Average Lamp Life 50,000 hours
Dimmable Yes
CRI >70
Color Temperature 5000K
Beam Angle T3 (pushes light forward)
Working Environment Outdoor
Enclosure Rating IP65 (Protected against dust and low-pressure jets of water)
Input Voltage 120-277 VAC
Frequency Range 50-60Hz
Temperature Rating -40°F - 113°F
Housing Material Die-cast aluminum with PC
Housing Color Dark bronze
Qty in Package 1
Dimensions 15.16” x 12.25” x 2.46” without mounting bracket
Weight 8.7 lbs.
Certification DLC, UL
DLC Model # Pending
Warranty 5 Years

Effective Projected Area (EPA) Ratings for Pole Mounting

The low-profile design of our Ecobright shoeboxes means lower EPA values & increased likelihood our fixtures will be suitable for your existing poles. If you're replacing old fixtures and planning to re-use your existing poles, choose a fixture/configuration that is at or lower than your existing fixtures' EPA. If you're installing all new poles, use the EPA values below to aid in selecting the appropriate poles.

EPA rating for single-fixture installation

1 light
0.3413 EPA

EPA rating for 2-fixture 90° installation

2 @ 90°
0.5929 EPA

EPA rating for 2-fixture 120° installation

2 @ 120°
0.7983 EPA

EPA rating for 2-fixture 180° installation

2 @ 180°
0.6826 EPA

EPA rating for 3-fixture 90° installation

3 @ 90°
1.0239 EPA

EPA rating for 3-fixture 120° installation

3 @ 120°
1.0499 EPA

EPA rating for four-fixture installation

4 lights
1.0239 EPA

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